About integrated production and packaging of raw slaughter livestock brothers doping victims

Integrated production and packaging of raw animal slaughterhouse contamination brothers victims of one of the centers of excellence in the field of process contamination is Vsyraby Slaughteral including offal and heads panicked.
The history of this complex dates back to 1340
 The complex would be the first successful integrated in the field of employment, health, the environment and food production industries (protein) in the province and even the country.
 The complex is now located in the city of Khomeini Shahr, Isfahan Province Dard.daray area of ??about 5 thousand square meters Bashd.kh 4/5 thousand square meters to house the cold processing and packaging hall dedicated Dftradary Dard.srmayhgzary The complex has about 6 billion USD, which is fully funded by the brothers of the victims and has not used any banking facilities
The input x slaughtered complex daily 500 to 1 thousand heads legs and heart and liver and tripe and need complex on more than 2 thousand. These are made of materials from slaughtering animals in approved Office Veterinary province prepared under the supervision of specialists and veterinarians in the complex after quality control, monitoring-guided packaging to freezing halls.

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